Who Are We?

We are about the deaf and hard of hearing community. We stand for connectivity. And we honor everyday life.


To bring a higher quality communication toward the deaf and hard of hearing through assistive technologies.

Who We Support

We support the deaf and hard of hearing community.

What We Do

We advocate for communication accessibility. We created a real-time transcription technology called Comunify that assists deaf and hard-of-hearing people during in-person group conversations.

Why We Do It

We believe that there’s always another way to listen and connect to everyday life and that no one should feel excluded from the world around them.

Who We Represent

We believe everyone deserves to feel connected and to be part of the conversation.

Our Vision

To make socialization in the world accessible anytime and anywhere, to people with hearing disabilities.

Behind the name

Origin: Imani
Language: Swahili
Meaning: belief, hope, and faith

I –stands for the user, individual.

Many– stands for a lot of.
Co– stands for communication and connection.

Meet The Founders

Saïda Florexil /Sah-ee-dah Flow-rex-ill/

Saida Florexil is a deaf Caribbean-American entrepreneur, deaf advocate, speaker, and Chief Executive Officer of Imanyco.

To learn more about Saïda, check out her story: A Deaf Girl in a hearing World!

Aakriti Gupta / aa-kree-tee Goop-tuh/

Aakriti Gupta is a South-Asian American entrepreneur, a relative of a hard-of-hearing, speaker, tech for good advocate, and Chief Technology Officer of Imanyco.