Who Are We?

We are a tech startup that produces products for the hearing-loss community.


To abolish the communication barriers that restrict people with hearing disabilities and assist this group with socialization in the world around them.

Who We Support

We support the deaf and hard of hearing community, especially during in-person group conversations.

What We Do

We advocate for communication accessibility. We created a real-time transcription technology called Comunify that assists deaf and hard-of-hearing people during in-person group conversations.

Why We Do It

We believe that no one should feel excluded from the world around them.

Who We Represent

We believe everyone deserves to feel connected and to be part of the conversation.

What It Means

Comunify means to be part of the conversation or to communicate together.

Meet The Founder

Saida Florexil is profoundly deaf. She uses American Sign Language and lip-reading to communicate with others.

Saida received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Supervision Management from Palm Beach State College and a Master of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Management from Lynn University.

She is passionate about improving communication accessibility, fashion design, education, serving, and helping others.